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Join the HelpMe2Stop Trichotillomania Global Movement

Although you probably haven’t heard of it, chances are Trichotillomania secretly affects someone you know…

Trichotillomania is the compulsive urge to pull out one’s own hair to breakage or baldness. Millions live in shame and suffer in silence.

What does HelpMe2Stop Do?

The HelpMe2Stop non-profit raises worldwide awareness and donations to connect sufferers with hairstylists to help fund beauty services so that no child, teen and young adult have to grow up feeling insecure, ostracized, alienated and judged for their appearance.

Founded by a cosmetic hair restoration expert, who has been helping sufferers since 2004, through her experiences, discovered that there was very little help, decided to start a non-profit, Founder Charlene Blacer says; "Volunteering for American Cancer Society's Look Good Feel Better Program, I saw how there is help for these women, but nothing for Trichotillomania. These sufferers are normal like you and me." Blacer has helped hundreds of hair-pulling disorder sufferers and is working on recruiting and education more salons to include a Pull-Free salon hub throughout the US in project "Stop Pulling Hair Out Waiting For A Cure" campaign.

We encourage you to explore this site and join our community to learn more. Let’s help empower!

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